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Martin Luther and the vision of Future: its impact in Rwanda

"A billion people on this planet experience many challenges which sometimes turn to disaster. Over the next years, the world’s population continues to grow; and challenges caused by various human being activities, are also growing and complex to solve. One of the main challenges is the land degradation which is provoking a long term consequences of the loss of biodiversity. Scholars affirm that some are already disappearing slowly because of hunger caused essentially by the land degradation.

The Presbyterian Church of Kabuga inspired by the Martin Luther, chosen the education way to contribute to the protection of biodiversity. As he was concerned with school, in appreciating the role of education in directing church and society back to the source of the Christian faith, we also believe that transmitting the message of protecting the biodiversity can well understood in schools. That's why we decided to build two primary schools (Kabuga Presbyterian Primary School and Muyumbu Presbyterian Primary School)."

In his article, Olivier Munyansanga gives an interesting insight to various activities of these two schools and how the Prsbyterian Church is working for educational quality there. Please find the full article for download on the right.



The project team thanks Olivier Munyansanga for sending the article.

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