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Present your school to the world!

At the Education Pavilion on the World Reformation Exhibition we want to present our global community of Protestant Schools to all visitors. Therefore, we will establish an Infoscreen with the World Map that you already know from our homepage. Next to the information already given there, we would like to add a video of every school, too.

Please note the additional hints and notes on how to create a video which you can download on the right. Please read them carefully. You can also find three exemplary videos from schools in the project as suggestion.

For uploading your video-contribution, please use the form to which you received the link in an e-mail from our project team. If you should not have received the e-mail and the link, please contact us via


The video should not be longer than 2-3 minutes. We are pleased about videos in English language, but you can also record it in your mother tongue, of course. In any case, we will add an English subtitle. Therefore we ask you to provide us separately with the text of the video.

We suggest the following structure:

  • Start with a picture of the school. The name should also be visible. You can also upload the picture separately; we will add it then to the video afterwards.
  • Interview around 3 students of your school (if possible, boys and girls). What are their names, how old are they? What are their hopes or even fears about the future? What do they like at their Protestant School?
  • Finally, you can add a farewell message: A group picture/video, a song, a prayer, … There are no limits to your creativity!



Whether you create a classroom activity or you just take your smartphone and get started – every kind of video is very welcome. Thank you very much for your contribution!

We are looking forward to the videos which will certainly show the variety of Protestant School in an impressing way. On the World Exhibition, several thousands of visitors will be able to discover your school. After the exhibition, the videos will remain visible on our homepage.

For questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact our team (